Pushing the Envelope: A Mail Art Gallery Show


Frank Juarez

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 Pushing the Envelope: A Mail Art Gallery Show

September 8 – October 31, 2020

A collaboration between the Frank Juarez Gallery and SchoolArts Magazine

Milwaukee, Wisconsin – The Frank Juarez Gallery, SchoolArts Magazine, and Sheboygan North High School is pleased to announce a collaborative online exhibition titled, “Pushing the Envelope: A Mail Art Exhibition”. This physical and online exhibition features over 100 works of art from local, regional, national, and international art educators.

This online exhibition runs from September 8 – October 31, 2020.

Since April 2020, Nancy Walkup, editor of SchoolArts Magazine and Frank Juarez, art educator, gallery owner, and contributing editor of SchoolArts Magazine have been working on organizing an exhibition that provided art educators from across the globe the opportunity to respond to this global pandemic through their art and how it has impacted the remainder of the 2019-2020 school year both professionally and personally. In addition, to support the United States Post Office with envelope size mail art.

Walkup writes, “The idea came from an initial desire to help the post office and to give teachers an engaging way to express their responses to the coronavirus. I had been involved in previous mail art exhibitions and found them to be fun and quickly created due to the small size.”

From June to the end of July, 108 submissions were received from Alabama, Arkansas, Arizona, California, Colorado, Connecticut, Florida, Georgia, Indiana, Iowa, Maryland, Massachusetts, Michigan, Nebraska, New Hampshire, New Jersey, New Mexico, New York, North Carolina, Ohio, Oklahoma, Oregon, Pennsylvania, Rhode Island, South Carolina, Tennessee, Texas, Utah, Virginia, Washington, Wisconsin, Wyoming; China, Germany, Japan.

Featured artists are: Ali Andrew, England; Allison Procacci, NJ; Allyson Avery, IN; Alyssa Navaparish, CA; Amanda Youngblood, AL; Andrean Andrus, CO; Angela Hemker, WI; Angie Salerno, VA; Anna August, CA; Annemarie Baldauf, CA; Annette Williams, MD; Antoinette Mattern, WI; Ashley Phipps, VA; Bailey Reyes, UT; Beth Brubaker, TX; Beth Burkhauser, PA; Bev West Leach, AL; Chelsea Santos Friberg, MA; Cheryl Miehl, VA; Craig Roland, FL; Cristina Pinton, CT; Cynthia Gaub, WA; D Falco, IA; David Gran, PA; Dawn Vass, VA; Deb Woodward, NM; Deborah Brooks, WI; Deborah Fitzgerald, AR; Debra Ryland, PA; Donna Anderson, TN; Donna Barnitz, NM; Emily Sandagata, MA; Emily Shepardson, VA; Fran Bennett, NJ; Frank Juarez, WI; Gabbie Braun, OH; Gail Borowski, MI; Harold Orlienz, NJ; Heather Schwartz, AE; Jackie Mahaffey, OH; James Rees, UT; Janis Nunnally, TN; Jessi Kerr, AZ; Jodi Brzezinski, WI; Jody Boyer, IA; Judy Krassowski, NH; Karen Williams, OR; Karly Shelton, FL; Kathleen Petka, GA; Kathy McMillan, TN; Katie Malone Smith, MA; Kelli Perkins, NC; Kelly Cramond; Kiba Jacobson, TX; Kim Cairy, MI; Kim Gianopoulos, VA; Kim Kilby, OH; Kirsten Ator, NY; Kris Bakke, WI; Kris Morse, MD; Lauralee Chambers, NY; Lauren Taylor, TX; Lauriann Mardo Zayat, RI; Lee Danter; Leigh Drake, VA; Linda Papanicolaou, CA; Lynn Alison McGavack, AZ; Mandy Zdrale, WI; Maria McClintock, NE; Marisa Wesnitzer, WY; Mary Franco, MO; Melody Weintraub, TN; Molly McNeese, MI; Naomi Swyers, VA; Patz Fowle, NC; Paul Connelly, RI; Peggy Bear, TX; Rachel Wintemborg, NJ; Rayna White, IN; Samantha Melvin, TX; Sandra Duncan, OK; Sandy Manning, VA; Sarah Tomkins, MA; Shannon Morris Lawson, CA; Shantelle Kotowich, Tokyo; Shayla Fish, IN; Stephanie Butler, CA; Sue Cooper, NC; Sue Lidke, PA; Susan Botch, NY; Susan Silva, VA; Tammie Clark, AL; Teisha Madden, PA; Terrilynn Quick, CA; Therese Kroll, WI; Tim Needles, NY; Tina Atkinson, TN; Todd Coplin, TX; Toni Henneman, VA; Tori Hill, TX; Tracy Gibson, OK; Trisha Klenow, NC; Wendy McCoy, TX; Yekaterina Ginzlaury Bram, RI

The physical exhibition is hosted by Sheboygan North High School and the virtual online exhibition is hosted by The Frank Juarez Gallery. To access the exhibition visit frankjuarezgallery.com.

Contact Frank Juarez at [email protected] for further information about this exhibition.

Connect with the Frank Juarez Gallery on Instagram at @frankjuarezgallery.